International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) @ RBGE

This is the home for IIIF services from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. These are intended to provide image data for applications hosted elsewhere. You probably don't need to access these services directly unless you are a techie.

All services are based on IIIF Version 3.0. The API is still in Beta and this service has not been widely tested and should be considered to be subject to change.

Currently hosted here are:

Herbarium Specimens

Around half a million herbarium specimen images.

IIIF manifest URIs for specimens are of the form "https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/<barcode>/manifest". e.g. https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/E00008781/manifest

There is a hierarchy of IIIF collections listing all specimens by family, genus and species. The collection URIs are of the form "https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/collection/<family>/<genus>/<species>" an example for the species Acanthus leucostachyus is https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/collection/ACANTHACEAE/ACANTHUS/leucostachyus The root collection is https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/collection/-/-/-.

There is an experimental/demonstration service that provides manifests for individual species where each specimen is represented as a canvas within the manifest. This means it will appear in a IIIF view like a book. e.g. https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/book/ACANTHUS/leucostachyus. This service is subject to change or removal.

File to IIIF Image

A simple IIIF Image API server using PHP. Only the IIIF Image API version 3 is implemented. It is assumed that informative IIIF Manifest files that reference these image endpoints are generated by other applications such as collection catalogue web front ends. (n.b. For testing purposes a skeletal IIIF Manifest will be generated for each image but no attempt is made to include meaningful data in it.) All image data is stored in a directory structure with a single logical root. Each image is stored either as a tile pyramid or as a single file. Code and fuller explanation are on Github.


IIIF viewers are hosted here for debugging and demonstration purposes only.

Universal Viewer

This can be used by passing the URI of a IIIF manifest as a query parameter e.g. https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/viewers/uv/index.php?manifest=https://iiif.rbge.org.uk/herb/iiif/E00001237/manifest. For convenience a form is provided to load a manifest from just a barcode.


Mirador 3

An alpha version of Mirador 3 is available here with some specimens preloaded into the resource list.

Please contact Roger Hyam for support.

Note that URIs of manifests are considered stable links to services but they should not be used to cite specimens or other digital objects. The normative, persistent URIs for specimens will continue to be provided by our https://data.rbge.org.uk/ services.